Keeping Prog music Alive

Something ELSE are lifelong friends sharing a passion for music and prog rock in particular. Through both our original material in the neo-prog style and our Marillion the Fish years tribute project Childhood Friends, we’re keeping progressive music alive!

Latest Recordings

Here’s a taste of our music reinvented and re-recorded in 2017 and 2018.

Our Next Event

May 17, 2024

8:00 PM

May 12th &

May 13th, 2023

As Part Of Marillion Weekend 2023
New World Men (Rush) – May 12th

ChildHood Friends (Marillion) – May 13th

2 Shows for the price of 1 !
Café Campus, Montreal, 1:30 pM,
Doors open 12:30 pM

May 17th, 2024

As Childhood Friends with our full Marillion, Fish era tribute set
Pointe Valaine, Otterburn Park
8:00 PM, doors at 7:00 PM


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Montreal Marillion Weekend 2022

Something ELSE Live at Marillion Weekend 2023

We’re doing it again this year, but we’re doubling the pleasure! We will be playing at Café-Campus during the Marillion Weekend 2023 with Rush tribute …
Lion d'or, Montreal,

Something ELSE Live at Marillion Weekend 2022

We will be playing with the Rush tribute band New World Men at Marillion Weekend 2022 at Café Campus on July 2nd at 1:30 PM. …
The New Something ELSE Web SIte

The Something ELSE Web Site is live

We’re very happy to announce that our web site is now live. It is a work in progress and a French version will be added …
Something ELSE, Freburary 8, 2020

New Childhood Friends Shows in September and October 2021

We are very happy to announce our first new post-pandemic concerts with the Childhood Friends project (Marillion, Fish era tribute) on September 11 in Quebec …

RECENT performancES

From Childhood Friends,
a Marillion Fish era tribute project
by Something ELSE

Marillion cover of Blue Angel and Heart of Lothian.
Live at Le lion d’or in Montreal on March 26th, 2022.

Marillion cover of Cinderella Search.
Live at Le lion d’or in Montreal on March 26th, 2022.

Something ELSE Bio

Keeping prog music alive

For us, “keeping prog music alive” is not just a motto. We grew up with this music, followed the prog bands of the second wave in the 80s and wrote our own music in that style during the same period striving to modernize it and add our own twist just like bands like Marillion did. Today, we still want to stay at the forefront of prog as it keeps evolving and we still want to share that passion with prog fans in recordings and on stage.

Something ELSE was originally created in the early 80s from the remnants of two other bands composed of high school friends. We shared a passion for progressive rock music that carries on to this day. In the early years, we quickly gathered a following in Quebec City writing and performing long and complex pieces with engaged lyrics that touched on the hot subjects of the time like the environment, the nuclear threat and the like (sadly, a lot of these things are still relevant today).

Sharing influences like Marillion, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, ELP, Rush, Pink Floyd and a lot more, we worked hard to create our own prog voice that was more modern and of its time. We were of course also influenced by all the new sounds of the 80s that we incorporated to our music in our own way while evolving our sound through the years and making it more accessible.

From 1987 to 1991, Something ELSE went through many personnel changes that also impacted our sound and musical direction and from 1989 on, the original lineup was no more and the band ceased to exist under the Something ELSE name sometime in 1990.

But fast forward to 2014 when the original lineup got together in its entirety for the first time in the better part of two decades. Paul’s 50th birthday was the occasion and it sparked the official reunion of the original Something ELSE lineup that played prog music through the 80s. This time though, the main driving force was having fun!

Soon after the reunion and starting to re-learn a large part or our old repertoire and even (re)record some of our old songs, we decided to dedicated ourselves to a “side” project we named “Childhood Friends” that is a Marillion Fish era tribute project. We share 38+ years of passion for Marillion’s music that is closely tied to our friendship. We know Marillion fans hunger for it and we’re very pleased to deliver that timeless music to fans now to the best of our abilities.

New original music projects are also ongoing and this new site will help keep both old and new Something ELSE fans informed of our activities.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you at one of our concerts in the future!

The Band

Paul Roberge

Bass & backing vocals

Michel Renaud, lead vocals

Michel Renaud

Lead Vocals

Stéphane Bergeron, guitars

Stéphane Bergeron


Pierre Latuluppe, drums and backing vocals

Pierre Latulippe

Drums & backing vocals

Martin Tremblay, keyboards

Martin Tremblay


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